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The IMPRINT Stores Vision

Entrepreneur Scott Johnson started an online company store business in1988. Over time, he developed the acknowledged leading-edge store software platform within the company store market.

After selling the company in 2011, Scott semi-retired and became an investor and consultant in other businesses. He has always focused on leading-edge technology and today is pleased to provide his expertise with Splash Brands store solutions.

Recognizing gaps in software, service and integration available in the company store market, the Splash Brands team has delivered modern solutions for a new vision…IMPRINT Stores.

The Future of Company Stores

Forward Thinking

Requirements in the online company store market are changing…there is a need for a more forward-thinking solution combining the convenience of Shopify or Etsy stores with automated on-demand production.

Design & Marketing

Shopify, Etsy and others created a world where anyone can have a store, design their store and market their store. Until Imprint Store, this type of capability did not exist in the company store market.

Creative Solutions

Clients need the revolutionary Imprint Store tools to instantly create ads, create email campaigns, create products, add users, set up budgets, manage

The Mission

Non-Profits Supported By Imprint Stores:

6 Stones, Catholic Charities, Christ’s Haven For Children, ScholarShot, Vogel Alcove