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Analytics, Reporting & Tools

The revolutionary Imprint Stores dashboard combines the retail features of Shopify, Etsy, Big Commerce and similar platforms with capabilities required to manage and support online company stores.

Proprietary dashboard technology provides clients with robust store metrics, reports, and numerous operational tools.

Store metrics include google analytics reporting, various sales report options, several inventory reports, and the ability to manage pricing and royalties/profits.

Store management tools include budgeting software, the ability to create parts on your store, manage price levels, a user management tool, gift certificate tool, and more.


Store Analytics

Our cutting-edge analytics dashboard provides powerful metrics to review how well you’re doing online. The metrics allow you to see how users are interacting with your website and web content. These specific metrics measure and monitor different aspects of the user experience, showcasing how people perceive your website and your ads.

Metrics provided help uncover valuable data about your audience such as session duration, pages per session, abandoned cart, returning/new visitors, conversion rate, number of page views, bounce rate, etc. of individuals using the site, along with the information on the source of the traffic.


Store Reporting

Sales Reports: Sales reports include sales by item for your entire store, sales by division, inventory type, department, person, year to date versus last years sales, top sellers, depending on how each client would like to view reports.

Inventory Reports: Knowing which products are selling and at what level at a given time can be critical for determining which products to add, change or drop. Inventory usage can be reported for the entire store, by division, by department and other parameters.

Royalty Reports: For store clients that have price markups built into their products, the Royalty Report will display each line item, the profit made on each item and total amount of profit made on the store by spending group.


Budget Software & Tools

For clients requiring budgeted spending controls for specific user groups, sophisticated budget software, tools and reporting are available.

Budgeting capabilities include setting up a group of users with spending budgets for defined periods of time, defining budget amounts and budget approvers. Budget users can be allowed to purchase within a spending limit and if required pay by credit card for amounts over the budget.

User tools are available to manage users, adding, editing, deleting as well as managing budget amounts and approvers if required. Spending reports for budget users are also available using standard sales reporting features.


Create & Manage Parts

An innovative parts creation tool allows clients to create new products any time selecting from our broad range of blank items, pick a decoration location and selecting the logo to be used on each item. Update your products anytime with new items as we continue to add new items and seasonal items to our inventory.

Clients may also edit these items changing the logo, logo location or adding multiple logo options for a given part.

Flexible software allows clients to group certain parts together into defined groups for reporting purposes. These same groups can be utilized to allow clients to add percentage mark-ups to certain product groups in order to generate profits from their store.


Manage Users & Tools

Add users to have access to your store using different methods available on the store platform. Set up your department names, cost center information and multiple approvers for each user or for each cost center.

Edit your user tools to make changes to cost center information, add approvers or approver levels for each user or cost center number.

Primary administrators are able to delegate Manage User functions to secondary administrators to update tools, view reports, add parts or other functions. These secondary administrators may be set up to only have access to specific tools and reports or only specific groups of people.


Many Other Tools & Reports

The revolutionary Imprint Stores dashboard contains many other innovative tools and reports.

A Client Success Tool is designed for clients to review the status of any order placed on their store, research the order, track the order, provide information to a store user using the same software as our Store Success Team.

Order approvals may be accomplished by approvers clicking on the order approval email. Administrative users have access to an Order Approval Tool to view all pending orders for approval.

Administrative users may issue and view gift certificates for all groups, a single group or individuals based on administrative level.