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The Future of Company Swag Stores for Employees

Shopify, Etsy and others created a world where anyone can have a store, design their store and market their store. Why shouldn’t that access be available to a company swag store for employees?

Until now, this design and marketing capability did not exist in the corporate store industry. The revolutionary Imprint Stores Company Store Platform combines front end features similar to the retail world and integrates with a true in-house on-demand production model for all employee swag needs.

Messaging, Branding & SEO

Manage messaging opportunities throughout the store platform with special information. Add top bar scrolling messages for events real-time to help communicate to store visitors.

Organic SEO (search engine optimization) features are built into your store platform by auto-building unique client specific meta-title and meta-descriptions for each of your product pages.

The Style Builder Tool allows the client to set or change main page meta-title and meta-descriptions to maximize organic google search and visitor communication.

The Style Builder Tool allows updating colors and other information in your store such as buttons, footer, etc.

Ads & Featured Products

Proprietary software allows clients or Imrpint Stores team members to easily set up or change out store slider ads for the home page and pages targeted for different buying groups.

The Style Builder Tool also has an easy to use ad creator to set up new ads in as many locations as needed in minutes. Each different buying group can have the same ads or different ads. Different background themes are available for selection to add creativity to the look of the ads.

Featured products, Best Sellers and custom product groups for your organization can easily be highlighted as ad pages and tailored to each different buying group.

Create Email Campaigns

Create Email Campaigns
The Style Builder Tool allows clients or Imrpint Stores team members to easily design ads created specifically for promotional email campaigns.

Create your email, select your target group and push your email to your subscribed visitors to generate more sales.

Utilize the email metrics to analyze your open rate, click through, conversion rate, bounce rate, unsubscribes and other relevant data.