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Direct To Garment Printing

Proprietary work-flow software integrates with the Epson SureColor F3070 direct-to-garment printers to efficiently deliver vibrant quality images.

Each store order flows directly through the production work-flow software platform.

On the production floor, a QR code for each line item is scanned, retrieving and pushing unique settings for each item and production file to the printer.

This automation eliminates operator error, increases consistency, and improves quality control for every item produced.

CO2 Gantry Engraving

Imprint Stores engraving capabilities include Trotec Flat-bed CO2 laser technology for engraving, cutting leather, acrylic, wood, glass, stone, plastics and laminates.

The Trotec Speedy 400 includes 120 watts of laser power combined with OptiMotion motion control, increasing performance and quality on the smallest details and letters.

Automated engraving is achieved utilizing Ruby, the latest and highly intelligent laser software, integrating with the proprietary SplashBrands workflow software to engrave single items in batch production runs.

Awards, acrylic-shaped logos, leather patches, name badges, pens, finished wood gifts, and metal plaques are a few examples of products that may be produced. Every order is automated, even engraving single items are done in batch production runs.

CO2 Galvo Engraving

Imprint Stores Galvo engraving capabilities include TYKMA EMS 400 Galvo CO2 engraving technology allowing multiple components and designs to be engraved in a single pass at high speed and the finest quality detail possible.

Utilizing TYKMA Evolution software integrated with proprietary SplashBrands technology, automated engraving permits ganging single order items in batches with no set up time for a true on-demand process.

Powder-coated Polar Camel drinkware, paint-coated drinkware, pens, key chains, carabiners and other paint or plastic coated promotional products are engraved with TYKMA EMS 400 engraving technology.


Imprint Stores utilizes the Tajima TMAR-K1506C, the most advanced embroidery machine in the world.

Tajima technology provides advanced electronics, high production efficiency, ultimate quality, overwhelming durability, and a level of control never before seen on an embroidery machine.

Proprietary work-flow software is integrated with the Tajima PulseID software platform creating the ability to efficiently combine single items into batches while routing orders to the appropriate machine.

Fine quality digitizing combined with Tajima embroidery technology gives SplashBrands elite level embroidery quality capabilities.

Screen Printing

imprint Stores employs a Sati ProCoat Dual Screen Auto Coater providing uniformly coated screens improving image quality and consistency.

Our proprietary work-flow software is integrated to electronically push files to our Exile Technologies Spyder II CTS computer-to-screen system. The Spyder CTS is utilized for faster and more accurate screen image registration improving overall image quality.

Screen-printing is performed with the latest ROQ technology, the ROQ NEXT automated screen-printing machine. The ROQ NEXT technology allows for faster, more accurate set up, unmatched quality prints and speed.

UV Inkjet

Imrpint Stores inkjet capabilities include Mimaki 6042 Flat-bed UV printers for high resolution UV ink decoration on metal, acrylic, glass, stone, wood, leather, plastics and laminates.

Proprietary workflow software integrates multiple single items into batch orders for automated on-demand results. The SplashBrands workflow software integrates perfectly for real on-demand production with the Mimaki series printers.

Innovative software allows an operator to scan a QR code, instantly access file and settings information, and send the production file to the printer.

Mimaki utilizes the Mimaki Advanced Pass System 4 to reduce visible banding and Mimaki Clear Control for smoother, cleaner prints when using clear inks.

Cylinder UV Inkjet

Imprint Stores’ in-house capabilities to decorate drinkware include the latest technology Rev 360 Cylinder UV-LED Inkjet printer.

The Rev 360 Cylinder UV-LED Inkjet printer decorates cylinder drinkware materials including painted metal, poly water bottles, powder-coated metals, glass and other plastic drinkware.

The Rev 360 Cylinder UV-LED Inkjet printer decorates perfectly registered full color images with a resolution of up to 1200 x 900 DPI. A UV spot or solid clear coating is available for designs requiring extra protection or for unique designs.

Proprietary SplashBrands work-flow software integrates with the Rev 360 software to allow for real-time on-demand production of single drinkware items as orders are placed.

Fiber Galvo Engraving

Imprint Stores Galvo engraving capabilities include TYKMA Fiber engraving technology utilizing high-powered MOPA Fiber Laser engines to ensure speed and the finest quality detail possible.

Automated engraving is achieved utilizing SplashBrands software integrated with highly intelligent TYKMA laser software for the most efficient and high quality results possible. Automated technology allows online store orders to be batched and decorated on-demand in 24-48 hours with no set up time.

The TYKMA Fiber Laser engraving technology is suited for metal etching and engraving. Metal pens, key chains, drinkware, photo frames, business card holders and hundreds of other items may be engraved on the TYKMA Fiber Laser.

Wide Format Printing

Imrpint Stores utilizes Mimaki wide format print technology for printing and cutting capability. Mimaki printers are equipped with innovative technologies for faster throughput, on-board cutting and the highest resolution quality printing. 

The Mimaki CJV Eco-Solvent equipment prints and cuts a wide range of materials to produce banners, posters, decals, magnets, floor decals, skins, fabrics and many other products.  

Proprietary SplashBrands work-flow software integrates with Mimaki proprietary server technology for automatic job batching which provides maximum efficiency. Individual orders are produced on-demand and shipped in 24-48 hours.